Vittone is a modern family-run company operating in the hot steel forging field since 1906.
Substantial investment in production machinery, upgrading of work skills at all levels and aggressive customer-oriented approach to the market place, make Vittone a prime source of forgings. We are the answer to the Global Players looking for a reliable partner, solid and focused in achieving results. Quality, time and flexibility are our imperative.
Vittone’s mission is to develop each process with the utmost dedication, integrity, professionalism and competence, using the best and appropriate technologies, as a result of pursuing customer satisfaction.
In its more than century-old years of service, Vittone philosophy has been the strategy that has enabled, allows and will allow the company to continually improve, reaching its goals and setting new ones to reach.

1906 The Founding Year

  • 1910 Handmade production of agricoltural tools
  • 1920 The first Plant

1938 From Crafts to Industry

  • 1945 Settlement of the first drop forges
  • 1950 Plant’s enlargement
  • 1956 First Steam Hammer

1960 Forging Presses

  • 1970 New Forging lines with Maxipresses
  • 1980 Opening new branches VITTFORGE, Canada and VITTCORP, USA
  • 1990 Automotive is the main referring market

2000 Industrial Automation

  • Robotic insertion in forging lines
  • Higher service level for major support in projects’ implementation
  • A new era: digital and computerized, targeted to areas where safety and quality are imperative

History that must be written

  • Have been through 2 World Wars…
  • Passed through 3 great economic depressions…
  • …strengthened by all experiences and ability to find opportunities in difficulty

A strategy aiming to future

  • With entrenched mind, enriched by many years of continuous presence in the market, today we focus our strategies in being sensitive to market trends and demands, aiming to refine our mission for future goals